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Redeem Ministries

Redeem ministries is about LGBTs in Andhra Pradesh, India. Redeem Ministries reaches LGBTs with the love of the Father, delivers LGBTs by the blood of Jesus Christ, and empowers LGBTs by the power of the Holy Spirit


God has laid upon Edward williams a burden to train few young people to be responsible shepherds, rational expositors of Word of God, radiant evangelists and radical defenders of Christian faith. Having a call similar to that of Apostle Paul, in obedience to the divine call have opened a Study and Training Centre “TYRANNUS” (Acts 19.9). From today(25 july,2016), will have the first batch of 12, coming here (to Bangalore) to learn Hermeneutics and Homiletics for five days. Please pray for this training program to be a blessing to many people through these twelve. I would appreciate all kinds of support for this training program, which probably would benefit 1000s.

Nireekshana Program

Edward has been the host of Nireekshana since 2000. Nireekshana is a weekly television show sponsored by CBN India and was aired on TV9 for over six years and now being aired on Gemini Movies, Every Monday and Tuesday at 6:30 AM.  Over the years, his passion for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ has made him to strive hard to reach out to millions of viewers.



Tipri TV

He was also the blogger and web interactive manager for an IPTV called “TipriTV’ that reaches the diaspora Indians.